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*Updated 1/25/2016

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Ride Iowa

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Attention Ride Iowa and Iowa PAC Participants
Please send your 2009 hours logged in the saddle for Ride Iowa and your PAC points for Iowa PAC to Jerry Cable at  or 56967 245th St., Ames, IA 50010. For questions call Jerry at 515-231-2095.

The Iowa Paint Horse Club realizes there are many American Paint Horse owners who do not choose to exhibit their horse in the show-ring. But rather, they enjoy their American Paint Horses out in the open spaces either alone or with others. Whether we are competing in the show-ring or riding out on the trails, we all have a common bond … the love for the American Paint Horse.

The Iowa Paint Horse Club has put together a program to recognize Paint Horse owners who enjoy the trails and open spaces along with their showing counterparts. Our new program is called “Ride Iowa.” It will work like the APHA Ride America Program so that you may also be rewarded at the State level for your logged hours. We are in hopes that by offering this program we can bring together all Paint Horse owners and show the true versatility of the breed.

The rules are much the same, with only a few extra requirements, and are as follows:
  1. Be a current paid member of IPHC (or IPHYC).
  2. Be enrolled in APHA Ride America Program.
  3. Any registered Paint Horse of any type (regular or SPB Registry) is eligible to enroll.
  4. Horse/Rider Combination IS required.
  5. Owner of horse, if different than rider, is NOT required to be an IPHC member for awards. Rider of horse IS required to be a current paid IPHC member.
  6. Submit an official enrollment form to IPHC, along with copies of registration papers and membership cards, being sure to check the box of the category you will be competing in.
  7. Submit the yearly entry fee of $5.00 per horse/rider combination. Program runs from January 1, 2009, to November 1, 2009.
  8. You may enter more than one horse/rider combination by submitting the proper forms and an additional entry fee to IPHC.
  9. The exhibitor is responsible to maintain the required riding log for each horse/rider combination enrolled, and is responsible to submit a copy of the ride log to the Ride Iowa coordinator, postmarked no later than November 15, 2009.
  10. Time may be recorded for any activity in which the exhibitor and horse participate in any riding or driving activity, whether alone or in a group. Practice and showing time under saddle or driving may also be included. (See Ride America Brochure for qualifying rides.)
  11. All times and awards are tallied on a one horse/one rider basis and cannot be combined with other entrants, for any purpose, whether owned and/or ridden by the same exhibitor or not.
  12. Earn double hours by riding in national and state parks, grasslands or historic areas as recognized by the US or Canadian National Parks service.
  13. Earn double hours on Official APHA or IPHC trail rides.
  14. Participants are responsible to have all logged hours turned into coordinator and recorded by November 15, 2009. (NO EXCEPTIONS. This is the exhibitor’s responsibility!)
  15. IPHC will use the ride log records to determine a Ride Iowa Champion.
  16. Year-end recipient of Ride Iowa Champion will be recognized and receive an award at the IPHC Annual Awards Banquet.
  17. This program is separate from the normal year-end awards program and not subject to the same rules.
  18. Any other rules not covered here will be governed by the APHA Ride America rules.

    Ride Iowa is off to a running start. Please remember to get those entries mailed in ASAP. Remember, all time spent riding or driving, even practice time, counts. All entry fees are used for the awards. This new and exciting program cannot exist without the entries so send your entries in today!!!

    Contact Jerry Cable at 515-231-2095 or if you need further information.