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*Updated 11/6/2015

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2015 Membership Requirements for APHA-Approved Competitions

  • Exhibitors: All exhibitors must have a current individual membership to be eligible to show. Joint and/or farm/ranch memberships will no longer satisfy the membership requirement. This rule is effective January 1, 2015.
  • Owners: Horse owners must have a current membership that is an exact match to the horse’s ownership on record with APHA at the time of showing to be eligible to compete. Joint and/or farm or ranch membership will no longer satisfy the membership requirement. No other related memberships will be accepted to satisfy the membership requirement. This rule is effective January 1, 2015.

    NOTE: For show leases, the lessee functions as the horse’s owner of record for competition membership requirements.

For more information, click on the link below:


IPBF Eligibility Lists and Information Letter are
now on the Breeder's Futurity tab.
Please read the Information Letter and check the eligibility of your horse(s).



ANY 2012 offspring from a stud purchased in the 2011 Iowa Breeders Futurity Stallion Auction is eligible!


Please be sure to read the Show Rules and Regulations posted as Membership Rules in the Membership tab, which were revised November, 2012. The main change and point of interest is number 5 under Requirements for Year-End Awards. Please note that to be eligible for a year-end award, a horse must be shown in the class to a minimum of one-half of the judges offered PLUS must show at a minimum of three weekend shows. In other words, showing at only the Memorial Day Classic and State Show will not qualify for a year-end award. This change was implemented to prevent an exhibitor from coming only to IPHC's two biggest shows and being able to receive a year-end award without supporting at least one smaller show. If you have questions, please feel free to contact one of the Board members.

Please remember to pay your membership fees as soon as possible. This will assure you receive all Iowa points for year-end awards, along with continued receipt of the Roundup and voting eligibility at the general membership meeting. Do it now and be able to forget about it for the rest of the year! If you have a website, remember that paid IPHC members get a link FREE on the IPHC website during the calendar year of payment. What better way to promote your stallion, horses, farm or business?!?


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